LITS, eat !Hazelnuts, feta & basilic pasta

älskling and I eat a lot of pasta, especially a lot of pasta bolognese, his favorite; I don’t really mind, it’s good but sometimes it’s nice to try new stuff. So I looked around for an easy recipe and found one that seemed yummy on Clea cuisine’s blog.

 You ‘ll need:

  • about 200 g of pasta
  • a big handful of hazelnuts
  • 20 leaves of basilic
  • 100g of Feta cheese
  • 4 big spoon of oil
  • Garlic

Boil the pasta, in the meantime roast the nuts and remove the skin, then crush them and mix with the oil, the basilic, the garlic and the cheese.

When the pasta are done, drain them and put them back in the warm saucepan and mix with the “nuts mix”.  I might have overdone it when it comes to garlic but we love it so it’s ok. Yummy indeed!


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