Chocolate and hazelnuts treats !

I thing i cought the virus, I started from Ciloubidouille‘s blog cause she is some kind of food & creativity goddess acording to Crispin, and i clicked on to another cooking blog, and another one, just more and more amazed every time. And i  definitly drooled when i read about those “crakers candy” on La popotte de Manue.

What you need are any kind of biscuits, i choose some swedish speculoos “Anna”. Fill up the bottom of your dish with them. Heat the oven at 220c.
In a casserole, cook 200g of sugar and 200g of butter together (low heat) until it boils for 3 min. Then spread it over the biscuits.
Put the dish in the oven for about 5 min till the  sugar/butter mixture starts to make bubbles and caramelized.

Took  it out and immediatly add about 200 g of chocolate chopped in small pieces, it will melt in the hot caramel. You can also had any kind of nuts you wish, i chose hazelnuts.

Let cool down for 3 hours (i know !)

It was a bit tough to take it out of the dish but Gosh was it worth the wait !! I’ve been on a sugar rush ever since !!!


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