LITS, eat !Chocolate duckies !

Usually for easter i got to my grandparents’ house in the east of France, we look for chocolates and candies in the garden with my 13 cousins and stuff ourselves the rest of the weekend. It’s wonderful. Unfortunatly this year i couldn’t go home (stupid super expensive flight tickets).

So I thought that i would at least try to celebrate Easter somehow… and while i was browsing through cooking blogs i found this post on La popotte de Manue and thought, damn i have such a mold i should try that !!

I was so surprised how “easy” it was (takes time though) and how adorably delicious they looked !! I actually can’t believe I made those !

You start with melting the chocolate 3 times 3 secondes in the microwaves. Then you do fill the mold to do the shell. For the mamma duck I used a brush, for the small ones i didn’t have a tiny brush so i used a small knife. Make sure the whole surface is covered. Put it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Then fill with whatever you want !!! I used “Fluff” (marshmallow), Nutella, raspberry jam, some pieces of cookies i hade made before and the filling of the chocolate cake i had just made earlier.

Then you cover everthing nicely with the rest of the chocolate, make it as smooth as possible and put in the fridge for at least 4 hours.



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