” It was a brave man that ate the first oyster”

Goat Cheese, Bacon and Walnut cake


Hazelnuts, feta, and basilic pasta

Carrots, goat cheese and polenta gratin

Salmon & cottage cheese pancakes sandwish

Chicks in their eggs shell !

Salmon, nuts, goat cheese and rucola pie

goat cheese & mushrooms stuffed cannellonis

Carrots & ginger soup/ Soupe gingembre carottes 

Mushrooms & Ham Frittata /Frittata jambon champignons

mini avocado & goat cheese burgers / mini burgers à l’avocat et au fromage de chèvre

Pangasius fish sur lit de mushrooms & rucola 

Brocoli & carrots crumble

avocado, asparagus, mushrooms and feta fajitas 

Asparagus risotto 

Zucchini lasagna 

Spinash and Feta Frittata

Sauted zucchini & tomatoes with garlic and fresh basilic

Baked parmesan & honey zucchini

Warm peaches topped w/ blue cheese, hazelnuts, basilic and vinegar


Zucchini “steaks”


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