Sweets !

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first – Ernestine Ulmer


Chocolate cake with raspberry ganache
chocolat ganache framboise-pola

Chocolate fondant with white chocolate sauce and raspberries 

fondant chocolat-pola

  Chocolate cupcakes with mango topping

chocolat topping mangue-pola

Honey cupcakes with cinnamon topping

miel cannelle-pola

 Mango cupcakes with raspberry topping 

mangue mascarpon topping oeuf framboise-pola

 Chocolate & hazelnuts treats (voted “best cookie i ever had” by couchsurfer Raika from Germany)

  Individual chocolate cake with a finnish twist

Easter chocolate duckies !


Swedish scones

Cinnamon cookies

Royal Icing

Oreo cookies brownie & Barbapapas !

Speculoos and chocolate chips cookies / cookies aux spéculoos et au chocolat

Banana & Nutella muffins

Peanut butter & m&m’s cookies

Raspberries and chocolate chips banana bread

N utella cookies

Chocolate topped cereals marshmallows treat / céréales enrobées aux chocolat et marshmallows

peanut butter banana & dry berries oatmeal bars

Honey cake with Raspberry and Honey coulis

Apricot cupcakes

chocolate & mini marshmallows brownie with raspberry ganache 

Chocolate and raspberry bavarian

Honey Toblerone Owlloween !


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